Welcome to Maise Lane


    Welcome! We are very excited to introduce our new business. We are not new to the wedding styling world, although we have worked towards a new approach at this industry. After both being involved in wedding styling for the past decade, we have become very familiar with this industry. Over the years of working with many brides, bridesmaids, and mothers we have established many relationships. These relationships are the soul reason for why every year we proceed to work closely with brides. Helping them execute that absolute perfect look. With this level of experience, passion, and love for styling. We came up the idea to create a team. A team of carefully selected, highly trained professional stylists. With this team it will enable us to work with more brides every year. So much planning goes into a girls wedding day. When it comes to the styling, why not have ladies you can trust to take the lead, and plan the morning of. On this blog with will keep everyone up do date with what the Maise Lane Ladies are up to. We still have quite a season ahead of us, and we would love to share our beautiful experiences with brides. We look forward to this new journey!

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