Sonia + Jeff || 9.12.15

This wedding is one that is near and dear to my heart. Sonia and I have been friends since high school. Over the course of the years after high school we lost touch as many friends do. We never any sort of falling out. It was purely the busy lives of early “twenty somethings” that separated us. Thankfully, when I got my cosmetology license I needed a model for a fashion show. A friend we had in common mentioned Sonia. I reached out and asked if she would be my model for a free cut and color and she gladly excepted. Ever since then we have managed to stay connected for the past eight years. I am so thankful for that moment I chose to reach out to her, and the moment she said yes12015054_372573322942621_7688320975131438007_o 11999837_372573139609306_3087707458591209150_o 12003258_1082453851787270_1847770618722667791_n. So when she became engaged and asked me to do her hair for her wedding I was of course thrilled. She had a beautiful quaint wedding in Sonoma, Ca. The venue was intimate, and fabulously shabby chic. Sonia wanted a very classy, elegant, timeless undo. She allowed me to let the creative juices flow and what we came up with was stunning.

Helen + Daniel || 8.2.15

The weather on Helen’s big day was beyond perfection. Just beautiful blue skies. I met up with Helen along with her maids at an adorable hotel in Healdsburg, Ca. I was in charge of makeup for the bride, mother of the bride, and maids. It was a completely relaxed morning. The bridesmaids all went for a soft, delicate, blush inspired look with their makeup. Followed with Helen who also went for a soft look composed of matte creams, and browns. I was out before the ladies got dressed. So I was so excited to get to see pictures of them all dressed. It is safe to say I am obsessed with the flower crowns.Wedding-38 Wedding-22 Wedding-129

Lindsay + Stephen || 10.24.15

The pictures from Lindsay’s wedding are absolutely breath taking. It was honestly hard for me to choose which ones to post. The photographer Chantel at Allyson Wiley Photography was an absolute angel. She reached out to me to give me access to all the pictures. Lindsay got married at Ramekins in Sonoma. I have done a wedding at Ramekins in the past and it is a dream location for sure. We had the whole B&B to ourselves with plenty of space in the Bridal Suite to get the ladies ready. Lindsay’s style was every stylist dream. She wanted a romantic textured low bun, with a soft natural look for her makeup. We were able to build a bun all out of her own hair, and I must say paired with her hair piece it was stunning! SLindsay & Stephen-35 Lindsay & Stephen-50 Lindsay & Stephen-103 Lindsay & Stephen-626 Lindsay & Stephen-110he wanted a romantic textured low bun, with a soft natural look for her makeup. We were able to build a bun all out of her own hair, and I must say paired with her hair piece it was stunning!

Ashley + Michael || 5.23.15

I will at no point ever be disappointed to have to travel to Solage in Calistoga. To anyone who has nit been it is must. It is a beautiful resort in Calistoga CA. Our Bride Ashley was in from the East Coast so she was stating at Saloge during the week of her wedding. I had the honor of being a part of this wedding because of a referral from a dear friend Nikol Elaine. Nikol and I have been friends ever since meeting while working at MAC Cosmetics. She is a full time makeup artist based out of Oakland,Ca. She referred me to help with hair and it was all my pleasure. Ashley was such a doll to work with. She a small group of girl and her mother spending the morning with her getting ready. This made for a easy, mellow morning styling for these ladies. One of my favorite parts about Ashley was her desire to do a classic style with a twist, we went for a beautiful french twist with some organic texture. Such a simple classic look. Photo by Duy Ho | 20150523_Ashely_Michael_1096 Photo by Duy Ho | Photo by Duy Ho |

Nicole + Chase || 6.13.15

The setting for Nicole’s wedding was absolutely picture perfect. Myself and Andrea got these ladies ready in an adorable little cottage close to the Geyserville Inn where the wedding was taking place. As anyone can remember that we had some record breaking highs this past summer. The sky was clear and the sun was shining. It really made for the perfect day to get married. We had so much fun with Nicole. She was such a chill, thankful, and funny bride. She definitely had a vision for her day and she did an amazing job with her execution. She wrote me such a sweet thank you text and forwarded some pictures. I am thankful for every bride that takes the time to send along some kind words. I love to hear how their big day turned out!IMG_8943 IMG_9028 IMG_8940 IMG_9027

May 30th 2015

Wow! This was the definition of a fun wedding filled day. Rarely will I book two weddings in the same day. Purely due to the fact that timing is everything for a wedding day. For this particular date, I made an exception. The day started bright and early. It was actually so early that it was far from bright. The gorgeous Kanta was the my first bride. Kanta was having a traditional Indian wedding. I arrived to her house at 3:30am…yes you read it right 3:30 am. We started her hair which finished up around 6:00am, at this time her makeup artist arrived. Once this little lady was done with hair and makeup we got her dressed, and she looked incredible. I absolutely loved learning about all of her cultures customs and traditions. IMG_0160 IMG_0165 The day didn’t stop there! I picked up my girl Andrea and were Burlingame bound. There we got to work with the lovely Amanda Short, doing purely hair for her, close friends, and family. Amanda was such an easy bride to work with. Together we came up with a timeless updo. Thanks to Amanda’s peaceful demeanor, it helped the day flow precisely to plan. I was thrilled when she emailed me a sneak peek of the pictures. Makes me heart so happy to hear from brides who have exceptional experiences working with myself, and my team. Attachment-1 Attachment-1

Kicking off Wedding Season 2015

169web 819web 769web 89web I can’t imagine a more ideal setting for the first wedding of the 2015 season. I had the pleasure of working with Lillian and her adorable daughter. Lillian found Maise Lane through Yelp while she was busy planning her destination wedding to wine country. We didn’t have a chance to meet prior to the big day, so she definitely was putting all her faith in me to execute her desired look. For most brides this would make them extremely nervous, for Lillian she was as cool as a cucumber. That made her one of the easiest brides I have ever worked with. Her hair went up and she was instantly in love. This just starting the smooth transition through her daughters adorable curls, and Lillian’s beautiful makeup. Thanks to the incredible Marc Blondin (who arrived early) I have some gorgeous photos to share.I have a feeling its going to be a great season!

Kara & David 6-14-14

071414K+D202 071414K+D177 071414K+D497 I want to start off with a huge thank you to Jessica Kay Hinson for the incredible photos from Kara and David’s wedding. It took a couple of us to complete such a large bridal party. Jessi, Andrea, and myself arrived at Kara’s parents house bright and early to being the primping. With Jessi and Andrea on hair, and myself on makeup we had these ladies ready to rock and roll by early afternoon. Since we were not on sight we never got a chance to see the setting of the wedding. When I received the photos I was in absolute awe. Not only was the decor from the wedding impeccable, but you could feel the love through the pictures. Looked like it turned out to be a perfect day, for a perfect couple.

Becky & Loren 6-7-14

beckyandloren_occidental_060714_969 beckyandloren_occidental_060714_24 Jessi and I had the pleasure of styling for Becky and her bridesmaids on her big day. We spent the morning doing hair and makeup in and absolutely gorgeous house in Occidental, CA. A perfect rustic redwood setting for a wedding. It was a blast working with these ladies. A huge thank you to Nathan Larimer for sharing the amazing photos he took.