May 30th 2015

Wow! This was the definition of a fun wedding filled day. Rarely will I book two weddings in the same day. Purely due to the fact that timing is everything for a wedding day. For this particular date, I made an exception. The day started bright and early. It was actually so early that it was far from bright. The gorgeous Kanta was the my first bride. Kanta was having a traditional Indian wedding. I arrived to her house at 3:30am…yes you read it right 3:30 am. We started her hair which finished up around 6:00am, at this time her makeup artist arrived. Once this little lady was done with hair and makeup we got her dressed, and she looked incredible. I absolutely loved learning about all of her cultures customs and traditions. IMG_0160 IMG_0165 The day didn’t stop there! I picked up my girl Andrea and were Burlingame bound. There we got to work with the lovely Amanda Short, doing purely hair for her, close friends, and family. Amanda was such an easy bride to work with. Together we came up with a timeless updo. Thanks to Amanda’s peaceful demeanor, it helped the day flow precisely to plan. I was thrilled when she emailed me a sneak peek of the pictures. Makes me heart so happy to hear from brides who have exceptional experiences working with myself, and my team. Attachment-1 Attachment-1

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